Ultimate Voice Patch for Kanon

Note: The English Patch by NDT (seen here) is currently undownloadable. An archive of the patch can be found using archive.org. This is required for the voice patch to work.

For a proper installation: (Video Version)

  • Install the NDT Patch over a new installation of Kanon, running the NDT patcher. Then replace the game files and folders with the contents of my Voice Patch .zip folder.
  • Including files from NDT’s “All Ages” folder may break the voice patch. For more information on how to locate and remove these files, please read the 2021 update below.
  • Installing this patch over an already-modified Kanon installation (e.g. 音声化完全版 Ver.1.2) may cause unfixable errors. 

Download the patch HERE
The latest bugfixes HERE (Last updated 24th February, 2022)
Optional (buggy) 18+ patch HERE


What Does This Patch Do?

This patch takes the original Kanon translation by NDT, the voices from the Dreamcast release of the game, the voices from the PSP release, and makes them all work together! Furthermore, it provides fixes to the translation’s script, programming, and adds/restores features that were lost during the translation process.
Every character will be fully voiced except for Yuuichi who is only voiced during important scenes, Little Busters! style. Many scenes will include higher quality recordings.
This should also fix the common bugs and errors that come from people using outdated versions of the original voice patch (such as the infamous “Mai’s voice stopped working!” or “The Great Shiori Distaster” bugs of old) issues that spread when the final version of the original voice patch was lost to time.

After several years of support, many issues large and small—from the original code or the translation patch—have been fixed. A changelog is included below.
If you wish to report your own bug or typo discovery, please comment below with the exact line. If you have a comprehensive list, please post it in the Kanon fan Discord where I can respond to them in bulk.

Kanon is a game that originally had no voices, so having almost the entirety of the game voiced is a great enhancement to an already amazing story. However, this voice patch was made by one person with fan-developed tools, based on a troubled translation of a non-voiced script, and built atop a foreign-language game that wasn’t intended to be messed with.
There are several layers of modification built into this patch that were developed across multiple decades by many different people. It has changed hands from the developers of the PC game, to the devs of the console ports, to fans who ported enhancements back to the PC version. From the multiple individuals who created the tools for modifying Kanon, to the several teams that worked on the translation over the years, to the staff who created official tools and documentation for the game’s engine.
Eventually, it came to me, to this site where the game has continued development for many years.
Today it’ll go to you. Please enjoy it.

2021 Update: The English Translation features an “All Ages” folder full of several .txt files last modified in 2009. These are not compatible with this voice patch since it already omits adult content from the game. Including any of these All Ages files (pictured below) in the Kanon directory will break the voices in specific scenes. Please check the modification date of these files before deleting them!

Oct 01, 2014, Development Begins.
Extracting, converting and exporting PSP voices.
Sep 16, 2015, 18,827 voices fully exported.
Programming and implementation begins.
Feb 20, 2017, Private playtest release.
Roughly 16,000 lines programmed.
Voices fully implemented.
Many translation errors (and whatever happened to Shiori's route) have been fixed.
Feb 28, 2017, 1.0 release.
Fixes several reported bugs where incorrect voice lines would trigger.
Jun 15, 2017, Fixed an issue with Kuze's voicelines not playing correctly in certain scenes.
Aug 23, 2017, Restored Shiori route lines that were omitted in NDT's translation. R.I.P Shiori Disaster, gone but not forgotten.
Jan 14, 2018, Fixed an issue where Title Screen Buttons would reposition incorrectly if certain save data was read.
Dec 25, 2018, Recreated Title Screen Buttons to make them more flexible to display. メリクリ~!
May 06, 2019, Tentative 18+ Patch. Mostly untested, probably buggy.
Jun 28, 2021, 2.0 release.
Consolidates all previous bugfixes into one download.
Mai route clean-up.
Sep 21, 2021, Fixed an issue where one instance of Makoto sneezing would play voice 312 when it should've been playing voice 812.
Sep 22, 2021, Fixed two errors in NDT's translated script where a line of text would incorrectly display twice.
Sep 24, 2021, Fixed an error in NDT's translated script where sentences were written in reverse order.
Sep 28, 2021, Removed a line break that split a single sentence across two textboxes.
Sep 29, 2021, Fixed a spacing issue in Common and Makoto routes, but somehow Shiori's route exploded as a result. Don't ask how, I don't have answers.
Oct 10, 2021, 3.0 release.
Restores the "return to previous choice" function from the Japanese version of Kanon.
Consolidates all previous bugfixes into one download.
Fixes formatting bugs in choices.
More typo fixes.
Prevents readers with certain settings enabled from accidentally entering H-scenes.
Dec 13, 2021, Restored a lost sound effect.
Fixed a broken dll call that prevented text from displaying for one of Yuuichi's lines.
Dec 16, 2021, Removed some line breaks that didn't align with voices correctly, and corrected some misplaced quotation marks scattered throughout the script.
Jan 13, 2022, Fixed some incorrect voice paths in Mai's route.
Fixed two incorrect Kuze voice lines.
Recovered a line ommitted by the translation.
Fixed a bug where a voice line would fail to play in one variation of a scene.
Fixed an error in one variation of a scene in which the translators forgot to replace placeholder text.
Retranslated a line that was confusingly incorrect.
JP: 『奴』の訪れを待つ間、今朝のことが口をついてでていた。
NDT: "She" and I waited forever, so this morning, I gave her a piece of my mind.
Taka: While waiting for "her" to arrive, I found myself thinking about what happened earlier.
Feb 24, 2022, Corrected misplaced voice lines in Ayu's route.
Fixed several typos, grammatical issues, and inconsistencies in translation throughout the entire script.
Cleaned up some messy flag triggers that were brute-forced by NDT into triggering.
Fixed a bug in Mai's route where a bad end flag was conflicting with a scene skip flag.
Prevented a method to accidentally trigger Ayu's H-scene.
Further removed linebreaks that split text in ways that didn't match voicelines.



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  1. Does this work just for the jp version, or do we need the English version to download? I want the tet to be in Japanese as well.


  2. Do you think you could update it in the future so the slots for the H-Scenes are disabled entirely, and the H-Scenes don’t count towards percentage so using the patch doesn’t leave blank slots as well as prevent 100%? Pretty minor thing and I know completion isn’t really that important to a VN, but it’d still be nice. If this isn’t possible I understand. Have a great day!


  3. Wow
    that’s some dedication for a fan project dude
    working on it for like 8 years
    great work

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  4. I’ll just put this here for the sake of everyone who downloads this in the future. If, before installing this patch, your Kanon folder has a folder named “KOE” in it, you need to delete that folder first, and then you can safely drop the contents of this patch into your folder. The KOE folder is what contains all the voice files, and since the PC versions of Kanon are unvoiced by default, having a KOE folder in there from the beginning means your copy came preinstalled with an older, almost certainly broken voice patch, and those files are in a different format, namely .ogg, than this patch’s files, which are .wav, so they aren’t overwritten if you drop this in before clearing them out.

    This causes the old voice files to play instead of the ultimate voice patch’s files, so, for instance, Nayuki’s voice will play when Yuuichi speaks in the prologue, instead of his own voice. If you get this error, you can still fix it by deleting the KOE folder, but you’ll need to drop the patch’s KOE folder into the Kanon folder again afterwards. I had to figure this all out by myself last year, so may this spare everyone else the hours of frustration I went through.


  5. Thanks for the patch! I’d played the game partially without the patch and I’m not too keen on Yuuichi’s voice, the actor does a good job, voiced protags in VNs just pull me out. Is there a way to easily disable just his voice? Thanks.


  6. Played through with this patch. Having all the voices really added a lot to the experience. Thanks for making it!

    Also wanted to mention that Ayu’s H-scene on 1/26 played out even though I didn’t install the 18+ patch. Seems like that’s maybe not intentional? Not a big deal though, the Ctrl key did it’s job.


  7. Having some similar issues as others have mentioned with voice lines playing at the wrong time. Specifically, I’d hear a voice line, then then about 10 clicks later would see the text that the voice line should have played on, at which time another voice line would play.

    I did a full re-install from scratch following the instructions, and it reproduces reliably. First I installed the game from the disk image. Then copied the NDT patch in and ran reallive-patch.exe (after struggling to get Windows Defender to un-quarantine it). I did not include the All Ages files, as mentioned. Then I copied in your patch, and then the bugfix patch. I did not include the 18+ patch. At that point, after launching the game, the aforementioned issue manifests in the prologue and in the first scene after the intro.

    I took full backups of the game directory after each step and can verify that the issue does not happen with just the NDT patch applied. It happens once your patch is added (with or without the bugfix patch). So unless I have not followed the install instructions correctly, I think what’s currently being hosted is maybe not quite working as intended.

    You’ve obviously put a ton of effort into this patch and I would love to use it. Please let me know if you have any ideas, or if I can help troubleshoot.


    • I hate to say it, but I really don’t know why this happens for some people. I’ve had it reported more than once over the years, so I know it’s a replicable problem, but I can never replicate it on my end. I don’t know where and how the voice lines play for you, but if I knew exactly, I could pinpoint the problem.

      It sounds like your installation process was correct, attempted multiple times even, so I hate to fall back on my usual first guess… But it sounds like something that’d be caused either by a seen file not being replaced correctly, or the voices not being replaced correctly.

      In hopes that it’ll preemptively help you out and save you time that’d be lost on waiting for back-and-forth responses, I recorded my installation process.


      • I appreciate the reply and the video. Looks like pretty much functionally an identical install process. Some possible differences:

        I’m mounting the disc image using the windows-native disc image mounting instead of DaemonTools.
        I’m using 7-zip to extract the archives.
        My Windows 10 system is in Japanese locale.

        I will go ahead and try tweaking all of those variables to see if that fixes the issue.

        I did also notice a similar issue in someone else’s thread about files like D:\Games\Visual Novels\KEY\KANON_SE\KOE\0000\Z000000000.ogg existing next to a Z000000000.wav file. You had indicated that was potentially problematic. After the initial install of the game, I poked around in the KOE folders and can confirm all the audio files in there are .ogg files. Looking in your patch, all the audio files are .wav. After applying everything, the KOE folders are full of both the original ogg files and the new wav files. I think this is because Windows merges folders when you copy a folder into a directory with an existing folder with that name.

        Maybe my install image is busted, or the wrong one? If those .ogg files shouldn’t ever be there and they are coming from the original install then that might explain that (and probably other people’s issues too). I took an md5 checksum of the KANON_SE.ISO if that’s helpful. 63475fb3a860426492e4d36eefe1e14f

        Comparing your install process with mine, after initial install I already had a KOE directory present in the game directory, and when I go look at the ISO it’s there on the disc image as well. So that seems like potentially a smoking gun? If indeed I am installing from a different disc image than you, that would probably explain everything (and probably a lot of the other people’s issues as well).

        I will do some more testing. If this does turn out to be the issue, it might be nice to include a checksum of the right disk image in your post’s instructions.


      • Yep, I was using a different install image, and people with similar issues almost certainly were too.

        I acquired a different image and it seems to work properly now. The correct disc image has an md5 checksum of 2c126c2ee21689bd07cc62d4fa91050d and a size on disk as reported by Windows of 716 MB (750,784,512 bytes).

        Thanks so much for helping troubleshoot, and thanks for the patch, looking forward to enjoying Kanon for the first time!

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      • I see, that makes a lot of sense. Thanks for figuring this out!
        Kanon Standard Edition is completely voiceless, so in an unmodified uninstallation, the KOE folder wouldn’t exist until a voice patch is applied.

        After a brief check online, it seems the most distributed version of the game nowadays is Kanon ~Standard Edition~音声化完全版 Ver.1.2, which is an unofficial pre-patched version that adds voices to the game.

        At the time of making this patch, 全版1.2 was infamously hard to find. I’ve even mentioned it in an earlier comment on this page. I never expected to see it becoming the default option for people, but that’ll definitely cause issues.


  8. Hey might I add your patch to vndb? Kanon deserves more love and I really like what you’re doing.

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  9. Hi. Should i remove something from KOE folder? I mean i will have same named files but with different extensions like “Z000000000.ogg” and “Z000000000.wav” in 0000 folder.


  10. Couple of issues,

    Before applying the ultimate voice patch you have the option to change name on the main menu but after applying it the option is no longer present. The old NDT patch has a note in it’s readme saying “Reminder: Be sure to set the players’ name in Kanon.” So idk what’s going on with this.

    The other thing is that same NDT readme suggests using the DejaVuSansMono font for optimal reading experience which the game allows you to select before applying the ultimate voice patch.. but afterwards that font doesn’t appear in the list of options anymore. Super weird.


    • The protagonist’s name cannot be changed in the PSP version of the game, so that limitation is reflected in this patch.
      Restoring the feature would require listening through every voice line for a mention of the protagonist’s name, cutting it out of the recording, saving it as an alternative file to the original, and then implementing a check before each line to see if the protagonist’s name is set to Yuuichi or not. I instead decided to leave it out.

      DejaVuSansMono is an English font. Unfortunately, the backend code that allows Kanon to accept English fonts also breaks the “return to previous choice” feature, which allows you to quickly return to the last choice you made. That feature has been restored in this patch, so DejaVuSansMono is incompatible as a result.
      I recommend Segoe UI with “Thick (for thin fonts)”. It’s a default Windows font, so most readers should have access to it, and it’s the font used in testing.


  11. Ran into the no voice in shiori route after the 28th bug


    • Hmm… I can’t replicate this at all, so I’m not exactly sure what the problem is.

      Does Yuuichi’s voice play at the start of the game?
      Do you remember where the bug occurs on the 28th?
      Do voices continue to play during the 29th, or are they missing?

      If the bug continues through the 30th, it’ll be a problem with the file SEEN0423. If you have a file named as such in your Kanon directory, deleting it should fix the bug. If you installed the 18+ patch, that may be the culprit.

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  12. Hello i also have the same issue as Avery where yuuichi’s voice lines are replaced with the next voice line after him. I believe i only extracted the ntd patch at the root folder and deleted the All Age files. After that, i extracted your voice patch and also the BugFixes and the 18+ patch at the root folder .


    • Can’t be sure what the issue is without seeing it myself, but if your installation process was as described, that shouldn’t be possible. Are you sure nothing else was changed between installing from disc and extracting the linked NDT patch and this patch?

      If you haven’t actually heard Yuuichi’s voice in-game, that may be a sign that either the seen.txt from the voice patch wasn’t placed in the correct location, or that voice files from a different patch have contaminated the installation.


  13. Hi!
    I’m currently using NDT’s translation of Kanon (Standard Edition with H scenes) with either the NQ/HQ PS2 Voice Patch and I’m having some troubles as well with Shiori’s route from the 28th with Voice files suddenly not working.

    I’d mostly like to use the PS2/DC voice files as I’ve already played through Nayuki’s route and I find them more endearing than the PSP voices, and not having Yuiichi’s lines (by default with NDT’s patch) not present also makes the experience more immersive.

    I was wondering what approach I should take if I wanted to get Shiori’s PS2 voice restored to that patch, as I have seen playthroughs of Shiori’s Route (part 69 on a playthrough if you’re interested) working as intended and I’ve basically exhausted all my option’s at this point other than to have no voices, or to use the PSP lines (Yuiichi and all) which would be a real shame at this point in ny playthrough ;u;)


    • To add, I’ve heard that Mai’s route also has some issues and would also like to take appropriate measures in case I run into them as well.


  14. How do I install the 18 patch? Do I just move the files inside to the root of the game, or somewhere else?


  15. Hi, I know this is an old post but I was wondering if there was a way to keep Shiori’s original voice since I prefer that voice actor.


  16. Hi, I am new to this game. To use the patch,which version of kanon should I use? As far as I know, there are Standard edition, 18+edition e.t.c.


  17. it’s putting yuichi’s lines in spots where it’s Nayuki talking. I don’t know how to fix it


  18. Alexandre Palma April 6, 2020 — 3:14 am

    Hello there. After the January the 13th, Yuichi voice stopped being played. Reading the info of the PSP version in VNDB, it indicates that, in this version, Yuuichi was only partially voiced. Is his voice supposed to stop by now?


  19. This patch doesn’t block the H-scenes of Makoto’s route.


  20. hey can you help me, there no voice in shiori route from day 28th and i think i innstall everything correctly


    • Hmm, the voices definitely work for me on the 28th. The reported problems patch should fix any Shiori route issues.
      Are you using the 18+ patch? If so, due to the way in which early Key titles were developed, there are no voice lines in and around the areas involving H-scenes. When you reach a H-scene, the voices will stop, but they should resume once the scene is over.


  21. Will this remove 18+ scenes?
    Why though?


  22. It is possible to use this voice patch while playing in japanese?


  23. Thanks for keeping the torch lit, brother!

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  24. Can you please explain how exactly I’m supposed to use this patch?
    It says in your post that it combines both translation and voices, but the Ultimate Voice Patch doesn’t translate the game for me. I’ve tried both patching with a reallive patch as well as simply dropping the Ultimate Voice Patch files in the game directory, but I end up with the game in japanese in both cases.
    I can get the game in English by downloading the English patch separately from elsewhere and then putting your Ultimate Voice Pack on top of that installation, but that disables h scenes (and possibly more) for some reason and leaves me with missing CG’s in the gallery.

    I’ve spent at least 5 hours now trying to get your voice patch to work without scenes being cut from the game, but I can’t find a solution to the problem.


    • It is installed over the NDT translation like you would the other voice patch: use the English patch and then drag n drop the files from the voice patch into the Kanon folder.

      The patch will disable H scenes by default, and I’ve yet to create a patch to add them into the game because they’re not really worth the time it’d take to program in. The missing CGs in the gallery are the H-scene CGs.


  25. hey,this voice patch of yours uses which version for Shiori’s voice?her original voice-actress from the Dreamcast or replacement from the PS2,PSP and the anime adaptations?


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