Ultimate Voice Patch for Kanon

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Download the patch HERE

And the fixes for any reported problems HERE. Last update: 14th January 2018

18 patch HERE

It’s been a long time coming, but the Kanon Voice Patch is finally here! After 2 years, 19,000 files and 16,000 lines, I can finally say I have finished this patch.

So what does this patch do? It takes the original Kanon translation by NDT, the voices from the dreamcast release of the game, the voices from the PSP release, and a few fixes to a translation that didn’t match the added voices, and combines them all into one download! That means every character will be fully voiced (except Yuuichi, who is only voiced for important scenes, Litbus style) and many scenes will include higher quality recordings. This should also fix the common bugs and errors that come from people using old or outdated versions of the voice patches. It also establishes a file structure and voice locations for other translation groups who wish to port voices to their translations. There are some other things I would like to change about the patch (the base NDT patch has a fair amount of issues I skipped over) but the most important thing is to get a working patch out for those who wish to read Kanon either for the first time or for an enhanced nostalgia trip.

Kanon is a game that originally had no voices, so having almost the entirety of the game accompanied by voice acting is a great enhancement of an already amazing story. This patch was however made by one person, across 2 years, with messy tools and on a game that wasn’t intended to be messed with, so there could be some mistakes. I briefly went through all of the good endings of the routes, but I can’t catch everything alone. If you find a mistake, send me the exact line that includes the error.

There are some possible issues with Mai’s route that I’m looking for.
So that’s that. I hope you have a good time reading Kanon with all of the beautiful voice acting (especially Sayuri’s T_T) and hopefully it is all working 100%.

Download the patch HERE

And the fixes for any reported problems HERE. Last update: 14th January 2018

18 patch HERE


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  1. Alexandre Palma April 6, 2020 — 3:14 am

    Hello there. After the January the 13th, Yuichi voice stopped being played. Reading the info of the PSP version in VNDB, it indicates that, in this version, Yuuichi was only partially voiced. Is his voice supposed to stop by now?


  2. This patch doesn’t block the H-scenes of Makoto’s route.


  3. hey can you help me, there no voice in shiori route from day 28th and i think i innstall everything correctly


    • Hmm, the voices definitely work for me on the 28th. The reported problems patch should fix any Shiori route issues.
      Are you using the 18+ patch? If so, due to the way in which early Key titles were developed, there are no voice lines in and around the areas involving H-scenes. When you reach a H-scene, the voices will stop, but they should resume once the scene is over.


  4. Will this remove 18+ scenes?
    Why though?


  5. It is possible to use this voice patch while playing in japanese?


  6. Thanks for keeping the torch lit, brother!

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  7. Can you please explain how exactly I’m supposed to use this patch?
    It says in your post that it combines both translation and voices, but the Ultimate Voice Patch doesn’t translate the game for me. I’ve tried both patching with a reallive patch as well as simply dropping the Ultimate Voice Patch files in the game directory, but I end up with the game in japanese in both cases.
    I can get the game in English by downloading the English patch separately from elsewhere and then putting your Ultimate Voice Pack on top of that installation, but that disables h scenes (and possibly more) for some reason and leaves me with missing CG’s in the gallery.

    I’ve spent at least 5 hours now trying to get your voice patch to work without scenes being cut from the game, but I can’t find a solution to the problem.


    • It is installed over the NDT translation like you would the other voice patch: use the English patch and then drag n drop the files from the voice patch into the Kanon folder.

      The patch will disable H scenes by default, and I’ve yet to create a patch to add them into the game because they’re not really worth the time it’d take to program in. The missing CGs in the gallery are the H-scene CGs.


  8. hey,this voice patch of yours uses which version for Shiori’s voice?her original voice-actress from the Dreamcast or replacement from the PS2,PSP and the anime adaptations?


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