Video Game Modding


Snow TranslationA fan translation for Studio Mebius’ Snow. I did all the image translating, image editing, a bit of text translation, and programmed new features into the game.

Hokejo TranslationA fan translation for Citrus’ Hokenshitsu no Sensei to Shabondama Chuudoku no Joshu. I programmed a language toggle function and translated the UI and images.

LOOPERS Demo TranslationA fan translation for the demo of Key’s LOOPERS. I did all the image translating and image editing.


Ultimate Voice Patch for KanonA mod that adds voices to all the characters in the ‘Kanon’ Visual Novel.

All Ages Patch for Air

A patch for the Winter Confetti translation of Air that removes the explicit dialogue and imagery, but retains the relationship-building and plot-relevant dialogue players would otherwise miss by skipping them.

Suginami Mutsumi Mod27befe21604448d77bf9511314193a9a840274bf.pngA mod that adds sprites for the character Suginami Mutsumi to ‘Little Busters!’

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth — Female Protagonist CustomizerAn external character customizer tool that generates mod files based on your outfit choices.


RLDev For Dummies untitled
A large in-progress guide to hacking the engine Reallive, used in many Visual Art’s works, such as Kanon or Clannad.

Siglus Hacking
A series of posts from people experimenting with the Siglus Engine, used in Visual Art’s more recent releases such as Rewrite and Angel Beats!

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